2023 Holi Special: Best Tips To Overcome Bhang Hangover—From Avoiding Caffeine To Drinking Herbal Tea, And Nimbu Pani

Adopt these simple measures to get rid of after-effects of consuming bhang after Holi merrymaking.
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Updated On: Mar, 6, 2023 | 10:31 AM

Wellness: The Holi festival is known for its vibrant colours as well as its exuberant celebrations. It is one of the few festivals where thandai and bhang dishes are a staple of the festivities. During Holi, bhang is served in a variety of dishes, including pakoras, thandais, and brownies. But sometimes cannabis (bhang) intoxication becomes a cause of trouble for you or your friend. In such a situation, there are some tips by which the intoxication of cannabis can be easily overcome. You can use white butter instead of ghee for the intoxication or you can also consume curd, which gives relief from a hangover. Watch the video for in-depth details.