Why Are Heart Attacks Becoming Common Among The Youth?—Watch Video

Being physically active is a key component of having a healthy heart.
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Updated On: Mar, 6, 2023 | 06:22 AM

Wellness: Heart attacks used to be mostly an issue for elderly people. Someone under the age of 40 rarely suffers a heart attack. These days, one in five heart attack victims is under the age of 40. It is critical for people of all ages to take care of their hearts. The moment has come to educate ourselves on the potential for serious cardiac conditions and discover preventative measures. A balanced diet, regular exercise, abstaining from tobacco use and excessive alcohol use, and stress management are all crucial actions that may be taken to maintain heart health. It is never too early to start caring for your heart, regardless of how young you are. Outside appearances of health are not always a guarantee of inside wellness. The age group that frequently indulges in harmful lifestyles and behaviors like smoking and drinking, and who are unaware that they are also in danger of contracting some serious illnesses. Learn more about the causes of heart attacks in young people by watching the video.