Intermittent fasting: Lose Weight in 10 Days

Say no to fad diets and fat-loss plans. Intermittent fasting is the way to go.
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Updated On: Dec, 30, 2022 | 07:08 AM

Today, intermittent fasting is being followed by a large number of people looking to shed the extra kilos. Intermittent fasting involves eating at fixed time intervals and refraining from eating for a certain period of time for some days of the week. Recommended diet plan can include water, black coffee, black tea, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Depending on the body type, intermittent fasting may involve eating a normal diet for five days a week and fasting for the next two days or eating for 8 hours everyday, followed by 16-hour fasting. A word of caution here. Though, intermittent fasting is likely to work for most of us, but it may not be safe for everyone. Skipping meals may not be advisable if you are expecting or have an underlying medical condition. Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet plan or exercise regimen. When you lose weight by following intermittent fasting and an active lifestyle, it automatically lowers the risk of a number of obesity-related diseases. So get going towards a healthier you.


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