Treat your Cough & Cold with These Yoga Exercises

Practice these yoga asanas everyday and keep yourself healthy and protected from the winter cold.
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Updated On: Jan, 17, 2023 | 08:41 AM

With the winter season present now, all we can think about is being curled up in bed, hit the snooze button and never get out. we all get a little lazy. It is actually the environment and of course the season that makes us lethargic in all our daily life activities. However, it may give us some comfort for some time but it is definitely leaving an impact on both our body and mind, which later reacts in common cough and cold. If nothing else, try out these asanas that will warm up your muscles and joints, will enhance blood circulation and lessen bodily stiffness and cramping. This is actually the finest technique to beat the wintertime flu and you will feel fresh and rejuvenated, both mentally and physically for sure!


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