The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Makeup

Lazy to follow your makeup routine every day? We have a instant solution for you to overcome this problem.

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Updated On: Dec, 15, 2022 | 07:59 AM

Permanent Makeup treatment is a trendy concept that is usually the go to procedure for celebrities nowadays. It saves a lot of time from the tedious process of blending, contouring and aiming for the perfect liner. To make the dolling up process effortless and easier, we came across Timeless Aesthetics owned by Dr. Shikha Baghi Bhandari providing services which cater to your specific needs. Time is one thing which a lot of us might not have in our day and based on this, there are certain treatments that have been formulated like permanent eyebrows, tinted lip color, eye liner and your usual ones that only make your skin healthier such as an acne free treatment, all in all for you. This treatment would do wonders to your face and make you flawless. If you are tired of going through the whole makeup and beauty regime every day, this treatment is the best for you!


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