Delhis Best & Most Affordable Café- Xero Degrees

What we love the most about this place is the fact that every meal on the menu is reasonably priced and the quality or the quantity is just not compromised on.

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Updated On: Jul, 25, 2023 | 12:19 PM

For all the obvious reasons, this adorable small restaurant is now very well-known. Although it is new to the market, it is already the top café in every area. With cosy sofa seats, neon sign boards for the gram, and vibrant painted walls, it is created in a way that will set the mood for everyone. There are a variety of choices for munchies like pizza, burgers, sandwiches, waffles, nachos, and spaghetti. The ever-so-cheesy pizza in a jar, though, continues to be their signature dish. It is stuffed with bite-sized pieces of base crumbs and topped with a melange of sauces and thick melted cheese. Oh, and how could we leave out their legendary Freak Shakes? We tried the caramel shake which was adorned with tasty chocolates, cookies, vibrant sprinkles, and swirling layers of whipped cream. You may also choose from a variety of delectable flavours for shakes and other drinks, such as coolers or the classic cold brew coffee, which are served in long tube-like glasses. This not only completes your meal but also makes a delicious addition to your snacks. So, make some room for some amazing stuff to binge onand come on down for some good times!

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